About Nichelle

Specialized in Portrait, Family, and Event Photography

I’ve had a passion for photography for many years and developed a love for capturing people in an authentic way.  I believe the key to creative living is curiosity.  Curiosity to me means living with a desire to learn, a thirst to know about people and things, developing inquisitive behavior, to explore and investigate.  I enjoy the concept of exploration with the hope of discovering something special and capturing it – freezing a moment of time and place.

Photography is all about those fleeting seconds and special moments of life – capturing a time that will eventually fade into the past and be forgotten.  Except for the pictures that remain, the photos that transport you back to those moments and evoke cherished memories.


I want your photographs to convey a sense of life and reflect who you are.  I aspire to capture the natural genuine expressions, whether it's a child in mid-laugh, an adult having fun, or a teen being anything he/she want to be. I capture those special moments so they are preserved and cherished forever. I have a particular passion for black-and-white photography. I typically prefer not to 'pose' people. I want them to look as natural as possible.

If you would like to talk with me about a photo session or event, please feel free to click on the "CONTACT" link in the above menu to send me an email.  This is your story – and I’d love to have the opportunity to put it into FOCUS.

*Photo courtesy of John T. Silas